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Wbridge5 Conventions
Available systems
Hand evaluations
Opening Bids
Up to 2NT
Responses to openings of: 
1 of a suit
1 NT
2 ♣
2 , 2, 2 ♠
2 NT
Responses to Stayman
Opener's rebids
Competitive bidding
Intervening bids
The Sputnik double
Michael's cue-bid
Optional conventions
The weak two
Suit agreement
Games and slams
Departures from the SEF

Opener's Re-bids

Re-bids after opening 1 of a suit

Re-bid a 6-card or longer suit as cheaply as possible with less than 18 points. With more than 17 points jump re-bid.

Bid a second suit containing at least 4 cards

A reverse bid (bidding a second suit of a higher rank than the first) promises more than 16 points

A jump bid in a second suit of a lower rank than the first promises more than 18 points

The response of 1NT or 2NT to an opening of 1 ♣ or 1 denies a 4-card major. Opener's re-bid of a major promises a 5-card suit. Similarly, after an opening of 1 and a 1NT response, a rebid of 2 ♠ shows a 5-card suit

Re-bids after opening 2 ♣

Bid a suit of more than 4 cards or bid no-trumps as cheaply as possible

If the opener rebids 2NT, the conventions which apply to an opening 2NT apply here (3 ♣ Stayman, Jacoby transfers, and Texas Minor if opted for)

If the opener rebids 2 or 2 ♠, responder then bids as he would in reply to a strong 2 or 2 ♠ opening

Re-bids after opening 2NT

After 3 ♣ (Stayman), the rebids are similar to those for Stayman 2 ♣

After any other suit response at the 3 level, bid 3NT without a fit

After a response of 4NT, bid 6NT with 22 points