Play Bridge with Wbridge5 !

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Getting started
Wbridge5 website
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In the Bridgez club, you can play bridge with Wbridge5 and compare your results with those of other players. It is possible to examine the methods of the best players and exchange views with them.

Amongst the world class bridge playing programs, known as robots to distinguish them from educational programs, Wbridge5 is without any doubt the best one as is shown by the robot comparison.

Two 16-board tournaments are offered each day, the first board being a pre-arranged deal with attached comments. The second tournament is a 'Play Only Card' intended for practicing only the play of card without bothering with the auction. Currently,  more than 700 players take part every day, and more than 1500 during the month.

The original system, which required downloading the program into a Windows environment, has been developed so that it is now possible to play directly with any Internet browser, thus using any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Before playing, you need to register, as this will create your own storage space on the server for your personal data including the boards that you will play. A valid email address is requested via which an acknowledgement will be sent in order to validate your registration.

Please Register!

Once registered, you will have the option to play directly from your internet browser or to download the program enabling you to play (Windows only). To play 'in the cloud', click here. The left hand panel contains a link to the Wbridge5 website whence the program can be downloaded - it's free!