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Wbridge5 Conventions
Available systems
Hand evaluations
Opening Bids
Up to 2NT
Responses to openings of: 
1 of a suit
1 NT
2 ♣
2 , 2, 2 ♠
2 NT
Responses to Stayman
Opener's rebids
Competitive bidding
Intervening bids
The Sputnik double
Michael's cue-bid
Optional conventions
The weak two
Suit agreement
Games and slams
Departures from the SEF

Games and slams

Requirements for a game

  • 30 total points for a minor-suit game (11 tricks)
  • 27 total points for a major-suit game (10 tricks)
  • 24 honour points for 3 no-trumps (9 tricks)

Requirements for a small slam (12 tricks)

  • 33 total points in a suit
  • 33 honour points in no-trumps

The Blackwood convention

A bid of 4NT is usually asking for Aces (always after a suit fit has been found). The responses are:

  • 5 ♣: No Aces
  • 5 : One Ace
  • 5 : Two Aces
  • 5 ♠: Three Aces
  • 5NT: Four Aces

Roman Key-card Blackwood is an optional alternative to the above

Showing controls

These bids may only be made from 3 ♠ upwards in the case of a fit in Hearts, or correspondingly higher for fits in other suits. For example, after the sequence 1 , Pass, 1 , Pass, 3 , Pass, a bid of 3 ♠ shows a control in Spades. In any other sequence 4 ♣ is the lowest possible control showing bid