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Wbridge5 Conventions
Available systems
Hand evaluations
Opening Bids
Up to 2NT
Responses to openings of: 
1 of a suit
1 NT
2 ♣
2 , 2, 2 ♠
2 NT
Responses to Stayman
Opener's rebids
Competitive bidding
Intervening bids
The Sputnik double
Michael's cue-bid
Optional conventions
The weak two
Suit agreement
Games and slams
Departures from the SEF

Bidding System - Overview

The system used is based on 5-card majors and incorporates the following common conventions:

Departures from the standard French system can be found by clicking on the last item in the left-hand column.

The meaning of the bids made by the program can be found on the page of conventions, which can be accessed by clicking on conventions

To understand how the program interprets a bid which you wish to make, simply place the cursor over your selection in the 'bidding box'. The corresponding number of cards and HCP will appear in the table to the left.