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Wbridge5 Conventions
Available systems
Hand evaluations
Opening Bids
Up to 2NT
Responses to openings of: 
1 of a suit
1 NT
2 ♣
2 , 2, 2 ♠
2 NT
Responses to Stayman
Opener's rebids
Competitive bidding
Intervening bids
The Sputnik double
Michael's cue-bid
Optional conventions
The weak two
Suit agreement
Games and slams
Departures from the SEF

Available Systems

When one practises with the program Wbridge5, it is possible to choose a system with predefined conventions which will apply to both sides. Three systems are available:

  1. SEF: The French system
  2. SAYC: The American system (Standard American Yellow Card)
  3. Wbridge5: The system used by Wbridge5 in competition, and the default option

Special conditions applying to Bridgez

In the case of the Bridgez tournament, WBridge5 will use its own system, and options 1 and 2 above are not available. For your own play you must choose your conventions, if these differ from those used by Wbridge5.

If you play via the Wbridge5 interface, and make your own choice of conventions, be sure to save these preferences before closing the program so that they will be in force next time you play.

If you play using your internet browser (On the Cloud):

  • After selection, your preferences will be stored automatically by the server.
  • All the optional conventions listed are linked to other pages which explain them in detail.