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Wbridge5 Conventions
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1 of a suit
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2 NT
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Optional conventions

The following optional bidding conventions can be implemented independently by the N-S and the E-W pairs. In the case of teams-of-four matches, the conventions will apply to both pairs of the same team

Jacoby minors

After an opening bid of 1NT or 2NT, a response in Spades at the cheapest level promises at least 6 Clubs. Similarly, a jump response in Clubs promises at least 6 Diamonds. The opening bidder must re-bid in the corresponding minor

2 ♣ Landy

An overcall of 2 ♣ after an opening 1NT shows a hand worth an opening bid with both majors. If the bidder's partner has no 4-card major, or has two major suits of equal length, he responds 2 . At favourable vulnerability, the bid may be made on a weaker hand


The meaning of an overcall of 2 ♣ is as for standard Landy above. An overcall of 2 after an opening 1NT shows a hand with a major suit of at least 6 cards, and the overcalls of 2 and 2 ♠ show a 5-card major and an unspecified minor. The bidder's partner replies 2NT to ask for the minor to be defined

The 2NT overcall

After a minor-suit opening, this overcall shows two 5-card suits, consisting of Hearts and an unspecified minor, and values for an opening hand. At favourable vulnerability values can be shaded. After a major-suit opening, the bid shows two 5-card minors and opening values regardless of vulnerability


This conventional method is popular in the country of France and is applied when the opener has rebid 1NT after a suit opening and a major-suit reponse. With a forcing 2 ♣ rebid by the responder the opener is required to further clarify his holding:

  • 2 shows a minimum opening and no major fit
  • 2 shows a minimum opening and 3 cards in responder's major
  • 2 ♠ shows a maximum opening and 3 cards in responder's major
  • 2NT shows a maximum opening and no major fit
  • 3 ♣, 3 show a maximum opening, 3 cards in responder's major, and 5 cards in the suit bid
The convention can also be used after the following bidding sequences (opponents pass):
  • 1 ♣, 1 , 1NT
  • 1 x, 2 , 2NT
  • 1 , 2 ♠, 2 NT
  • 1 minor, 1 major, 2NT
  • 1 x, 2 major, 2NT

Inverted minors

The weak jump response of partner's minor suit bid, used as a pre-emptive tactic against opponents. Essentially, the meaning is reversed between a raise (normally showing 6-10 points) and jump raise (showing 11 plus points)

Roman Key-card Blackwood

A combination of the advantages of Key-Card Blackwood and Roman Blackwood. The king of the agreed trump suit is counted as an ace, making a total of five "key-cards". It is only used after a fit has been established

  • 5 ♣ shows 0 or 3 key cards
  • 5 shows 1 or 4 key cards
  • 5 shows 2 key cards, without the trump queen
  • 5 ♠ shows 2 key cards, with the trump queen

After the response of 5 ♣, 5 enquires about the Queen of trumps (except if the fit is in Diamonds!). The presence of the Queen is confirmed by a bid of 5 ♠, or denied with a bid of 5

Sandwich No-trump

When one opponent opens, partner passes, and the other opponent bids a second suit, an intervening Notrump call "sandwiched" between the two opponents conventionally shows a weak two-suited hand in the remaining suits with at least 9 points.

Better minor

A hand with 4-4-3-2 distribution is opened 1 rather than 1 ♣


When opponents overcall 1 ♠ after a minor-suit opening, support of the minor at the 2-level shows 5 Hearts and a hand too weak to bid 2 directly


  • An opening 4 ♣ is really a strong 4
  • An opening 4 is really a strong 4 ♠

As a result, the 4 ♣ and 4 pre-emptive openings must be made at the 3-level

Gambling 3NT

An opening 3NT shows a 7-card minor and no side entries. Responder can pass, or reply 4 ♣ to enquire which is the minor. This bid is not forcing; opener can pass if the minor is Clubs


The response of 4 ♣ to an opening 1NT or 2NT is Ace-asking. Opener re-bids as follows:

  • 4 - No Aces or 4 Aces
  • 4 - 1 Ace
  • 4 ♠ - 2 Aces
  • 4NT - 3 Aces


After a 1 ♣ opening, the double of an intervening 1 promises a 4-card Heart suit and the double of an intervening 1 promises a 4-card Spade suit. A direct response in a major thus promises a suit of at least 5 cards. Collante also functions similarly at the 2-level. The double of an intervening 2 promises a 4-card Heart suit and the double of an intervening 2 promises a 4-card Spade suit

Weak twos


Support bids